2019 Results

2019 Competition Results

Veg, Fruit, Grain, Bale and Fields

Best 12 Heads of Cauliflower - T.E & S.W Bradley

Best 10kg of Potatoes- Hatfield Farms

Most Points in Fruit Classes - Ware Farms

Open Veg Section - P Ellis  

Best Sample of Malting Barley - JG & GD White

Best Sample of Feed Barley - JG & GD White

Best Sample of Milling Wheat -JE Batchelor & Partners

Best Sample of Feed Wheat - JE Batchelor & Partners

Highest Protein Wheat - JE Batchelor & Partners

Best Sampled of Oats - JG & GD White

Best Sample of Oil Seed Rape - JG & GD White

Most Points in the Grain Tent - JG & GD White

Best Field of Combining Peas- EH Holdstock and Sons

Best Field of Winter Wheat - Lt Mongeham Ltd

Best Field of Oil Seed Rape - JC Plommer

Best Field of Spring Barley - Lt Mongeham Ltd

Best Field of Winter Barley - JC Plommer

Best Grass Silage - W Hickson  

Ploughing Classes

Champion Ploughman - R Chambers

Reserve Champion Ploughman - S Batchelor

2nd Reserve Champion - W Collard

Best Ploughman under 21 years old - J Starr

Best work by an ex-Hadlow student - A Preisig

First prize winner of the trailer ploughs - J R Stevens

First Prize Winnner of Run Round Ploughs - R Baseby

First Prize winner 2/3 furrows - R Victor

First winner 4 furrow rev ploughs - S Batchelor

First Prize Winner 5 furrows rev plough - A Plommer

First Prize Winner 6+ furrows rev plough - R Chambers

Best work with a Lemken Plough - R Chambers

Best work with a Massey Ferguson tractor - R Chambers

Vintage Champion Ploughman - I Hogben

Reserve Champion Ploughman - C Cullen

Vintage Mounted Class 7 Winner - C Cullen

Vintage Mounted Class 6 Winner - I Hogben

Best work by a grey/gold Ferguson tractor with plough - S Day

Best Lady Ploughman - R Victor  

Best Vintage Novice - M Hutchings

Straighest Furrow by run round plough - I Hogben

Winner of 2/3 furrow run round plough - J Vowell

Best work with classic tractor and plough - R Baseby

Best turned out vintage/classic - D Newman

Stockman Classes

Dairy Stockman - Thomas Castle

Sheep Stockman - Allan Jull

Beef Stockman - Ruth Perry  

Stockman of the Year - Thomas Castle

Horse Ploughing Classes

Horse Ploughs - Best Turnout - Ray Dawkins

Horse Ploughs - Best working Pair - Peter Hayler

Horse ploughing class- Ian Williams

Other awards

Most points in show - JG & GD White

Best stand in showground - Kreston Reeves

Long service awards

David Edmond Catt from Botting Farm for 40 year's service

Cup and PrizeWinners:

Mrs A W MartinCup – Best Poultry Exhibit                           MrKen Sherwood

Mrs C E SolleyCup – Best Collective Exhibit                          MrsTrish Cornwell

Mrs H M PiersonCup – Best Floral Arrangement

                               (Class 6: Section D)                            Mrs Trish Cornwell

Mrs C HRickards Tankard – Best Cookery Exhibit

                               (Class 8: Section A)                            Mrs Trish Cornwell

Mr & MrsFrancis Cup – Best Exhibit in Children’s Class           AlexLloyd-Yates

Kentish ExpressCup – Most points in Women’s Section            MrsTrish Cornwell

Mrs MaudSpanton Memorial Prize

–Most points in Class 7: Handicrafts                 MissPrimrose North

Prize for BestExhibit in Class 9: Preserves & Bottled Fruit     Mrs Annie Marchant

The GoodsellMemorial Prize – Best Exhibit in Class 8:

                                  Section I - Decorated Cake               Mrs Alison Cock

  First Prize Winners

         Class 2 – Eggs      

      A:  Six Brown Eggs – Hens                      Mr K Sherwood

         B: Six Tinted Eggs – Hens                     MrK Sherwood

         C: Six Mixed Eggs – Hens                      MrK Sherwood

         D: Six Duck Eggs                                 NoFirst Prize awarded

         E: Six Bantam Eggs                              MrK Sherwood


    Class 3 – Collective Exhibit:75th Anniversary Theme        Mrs Trish Cornwell


      Class 4 – Sweets

         A: Marzipan Fruits                               MrsPippa Southorn

         B: Peppermint Creams                           MrsHelen Bradshaw

         C: Chocolate Fudge                              MrsDanielle Gower

         D: Salted Caramels                              NoFirst Prize awarded


         Class 5 – Photographs

         A: A Tranquil Moment                           MrJames Chipchase

         B: Natural Colours                               MissHannah Page

         C: Funny Face                                      MissHannah Page


         Class 6 – Flowers

      A:  Wedding Table Centrepiece               Miss Fiona Bradley

         B: Arrangement in a Pumpkin                 MrsTrish Cornwell  

         C: Autumn Wreath                               MrsEleanor Hey

         D: Shades of One Colour                       MrsJanet Bradley

         E: Arrangement in a Shot Glass              MrsEleanor Hey

         F: Four Sprays of Chrysanthemums        MrK Sherwood

         G: Vase of Five Dahlias                         MrK Sherwood

         H: Vase of Roses                                  MissAnnie Marchant

         I: Vase of Mixed Garden Flowers           MrsTrish Cornwell

         J: One Pot Plant                                  MrsVera Hunt

         Class 7 – Handicrafts

         A: Handknitted Garment                       MrsJan Cross

         B: Handknitted Hat & Gloves                 MissPrimrose Northrop

         C: Handmade Pincushion                        MrsJackie Saxby

         D: Upcycled Item                                MissPrimrose Northrop

         E: Child’s ‘Feely Book’                            MissPrimrose Northrop

         F: Any Other Handicraft                      MrsEleanor Hey

                                                                  MissEllie Matthews


         Class 8 – Cookery

      A:  Marmalade Crumble Cake                  Mrs Trish Cornwell

              (made to a given recipe)

         B: Victoria Sandwich                            MrsDanielle Gower

         C: Lemon Drizzle Cake                          MrsVera Hunt

         D: Soda Bread                                     MrsCarol Evans

         E: Ciabatta                                         MrsTrish Cornwell

         F: Flourless Chocolate Cake                   MrsTrish Cornwell

         G: Pizza                                              MrsJackie Burville

         H: Ten Cheese Straws                          MrsK Hunt

         I: 75th Celebration Cake                        MrsAlison Cock

             (judged for decoration only)

         J: Five Chocolate Chip Cookies               MrsOlivia Dixon

         K: Bakewell Tart                                  MrsMary Jenner

         L: Jar of Honey – Clear                         RevMichael Morris

         M: Jar of Honey – Set                          MrAlan Snook


         Class 9 – Preserves & BottledFruit

         A: Jar of Strawberry Jam                    MissAnnie Marchant

         B: Jar of Raspberry Jam                      MrsDiane Johnson

         C: Jar of Stone Fruit Jam                     MissAnnie Marchant

         D: Jar of Any Other Jam                      MrsE Preston

         E: Jar of Jelly                                     MrsE Preston

         F: Jar of Marmalade                            MrsTrish Cornwell

         G: Jar of Lemon Curd                           MrsDanielle Gower

         H:  Bottle of Fruit (2019 Bottling)           No First Prize awarded

         I: Jar of Pickle                                    MrsE Preston


         Class 10 – Children


      A:  Selfie (14 – 16 years)                                 Ella Blackman

         B: Flowers  (11-13 years)                                 Chloe Blackman

         C: A Day Out  (8-10 years)                              Harry Ledger


         Handicrafts & Cookery

      D:  Any Handicraft  (14 – 16 years)                    AlexLloyd-Yates

         E: Shoebox House  (11 - 13 years)                     ChloeSolley

         F: Painted Pebble  (8 – 10 years)                       Skye McGarry

         G: A4 Pasta Picture  (5 – 7 years)                     William Hey

         H: Edible Necklace  (Under 5’s)                       Tobias Moysey

         I: Four Chocolate Brownies  (Under 14years)    Max Hazard

         J: Five Cheese Scones  (Under 14years)           Oliver Bradley

         K: Bread Roll Animal  (Under 5 years)               Georgia Hey

         L: Five Chocolate Crispie Cakes (Under 5 years)  Tobias Moysey