2021 Results

Champion  Ploughman  Challenge Cup Lord Northbourne  - W Collard    

Reserve Champion  Challenge Cup J E Batchelor  - K Coombs    

2nd Reserve Champion  Challenge Cup  Arter  Bros  - P Bolton    

Champion Ploughman under 21yrs  Challenge Cup   F E  Elgar/Agwood  - J Wilmhurst    

Best  Work done with Lemkin Plough - Agwood  - W Collard    

Best  Work done with Massey Ferguson Tractor  -  Agwood - W Collard    

Tractor Ploughs - Mounted        

4/5 Furrow    J Claringbould    

5 Furrows    P Bolton    

5 Furrows    C Coombes    

6/7 Furrows    W Collard    

2 Furrows    I Hogben    

Mounted 2 Furrows  Vintage Tractor & Ploughs   C Cullen    

Mounted 3 Furrows    M Hutchings    

2 Furrows    B Marsh    

Classic Tractor

3 Furrows    M Hobbs    

Vintage 2 + 3 Furrows    A West    

Horticulutural Ploughs    A Ford                    

Horse Ploughs - Best Turnout  Leonard Fox Challenge Cup      

Best working Pair  Heather Princess Trophy      

Best ploughing  Challenge Cup      

EK Stockman of the year  Charles Lefevre Memorial Cup  M Russell    

Beef stockman    M Russell    

Sheep Stockman    Alan Jull    

Dairyman    Thomas Castle    


Cauliflowers  Challenge Cup  T & S Bradley    

Brussel Sprouts    R G Ovenden    

Brussel Sprouts 6 Stalks    R G Ovenden    

Potatoes  Challenge Cup      

Whites    Hatfield Farms    

Reds    Hatfield Farms    

Partly Coloured    Hatfield Farms    


Dessert Apples    E H Holdstock    

Cooking apples    Ware Farms    

Dessert Pears    Ware Farms    

Open Section        

Highest Number  Points  Challenge Cup      

Allotment     P Ellis    

White Potatoes    P Ellis    

Coloured Potatoes    P Ellis    

Onions    P Ellis    

Carrots    P Ellis    

Runner beans    P Ellis    

Plate of Shallots    P Ellis    

Leeks    L Astbury    

Grain & Seed        

Winter Barley        

Spring Barley    J C Plommer    

Feeding Barley    J C Plommer    

Milling Wheat    Ware Farms    

Feed Wheat    Nonington Farms    

Wheat with Highest Protein    Nonington Farms    

Winter Oats    Nonington Farms    

Spring Oats        

Winter Beans    Ware Farms    

Spring Beans    Nonington Farms    

Perennial Ryegrass                

Linseed    Chandler & Dunn    

S & W Oil Seed Rape    Nonington Farms            


Conv' Bale of Meadow Hay    R & C R Phillips    

Conv' Bale of Seed Hay        

Big Bale of Seed Hay        


Field  Combining Peas     H W Twyman    

Winter Beans    Nonington Farms    

Spring Beans    H W Twyman    

Winter Wheat    J Haffenden    

Oil Seed Rape    E H Holdstock    

Winter Barley    J C Plommer    

Spring Barley    Velcourt Ltd            

Long Service Awards                

Minimum 40 Years    Paul Colyer        Brian Penfold        Derek Pilcher        Graham Smith