2023 Results

2023  Results  Name of Cup Holder     VEG  FRUIT & GRAIN CLASSES      F.  Friday & Sons Cup - Best 12 Heads of Cauliflower  -   T & S Bradley     WM. J.  Gardner Cup - Best 10kg of Potatoes-   T & S Bradley     West  Street Hunt Cup - Open Veg Section -   Mr Ellis    Thompson  & Son Cup - Best Sample of Malting Barley -   JRJ & E Batchelor    Viscount  Hawarden Cup - Best Sample of Feed Barley -   Chandler & Dunn    Kingsford  & Co Cup - Best Sample of Milling Wheat -   JRJ & E Batchelor    William  Harvey Cup - Best Sample of Feed Wheat -   Nonington Farms    C.J.  Hudson Cup - Highest Protein Wheat -   JRJ & E Batchelor    J.F.  Holter & Sons Cup - Best Sampled of Oats -   Nonington Farms    Street  End Farms Tankard - Best Sample of Oil Seed Rape -   JRJ & E Batchelor    Denne  Hill Cup - Most Points in the Grain Tent -  JRJ & E Batchelor    F.S.  Solley Cup - Best Field of Combining Peas -   H W Twyman     Dalgety  Spillers Salver - Best Field of Oil Seed Rape -  E I Overy    H.H.  Roberts Bowl - Best Field of Winter Wheat -   Velcourt Ltd    W.E.  Lillywhite Cup - Best Field of Spring Barley -   J C Plommer    Bramling  Lime Works Challenge Cup - Best Field of Winter Barley -  Chandler & Dunn    Nonington,  Goodnestone and District Agricultural Association Challenge Cup - Best Grass Silage -   Richard Castle, Debden Farm    The John  Caspell Trophy - Most Points in Fruit Classes -  Chandler & Dunn        PLOUGHINGCLASSES      Lord  Northbourne Cup & Bells Agricultural Tankard -Champion  Ploughman -   S Batchelor    J.E.  Batchelor Cup - Reserve Champion Ploughman -   F Brown    Arter  Bros. Cup - 2nd Reserve Champion -   A Preisig    Mrs.  F.E. Elgar Cup & Special Prize presented by Agwood - Best  Ploughman under 21 years old -   J Harpley    Cantagrian  Trophy - Best work by an ex-Hadlow student -   A Preisig    George  Newport Memorial Cup - First Prize Winnner of Run Round  Ploughs -   O West    Shell Uk  Shield - First prize winner of Run round ploughs / 3  furrow classic \  M Hobbs    Arter  Bros. (J.Wood Mem.) Cup - First Prize winner 2/3  furrows   M Cullen    Invicta  Motors Cup - First winner 4 furrow rev ploughs -   F Brown    Lenfield  Eng. Chall. Bowl - First Prize Winner 5 furrows rev  plough -   A Preisig    Southern  Harvesters Shield - First Prize Winner 6+ furrows rev  plough -   S Batchelor    Agwood  - Best work with a  Lemken Plough -  (cash and cup from  Agwood)  S Batchelor    Special  Prize Agwood - Best work with a Massey Ferguson tractor  -  (cash and cup from Agwood)  F Brown    Haynes  special prize - Best work with New Holland Tractor   P Bolton    Webster  Cup - Vintage Champion Ploughman -  B Marsh    Walton  Cup - Winner of 2/3 furrow run round plough -  C Cullen    Lew  Norrington Cup - Best work with classic tractor and  plough -   B Marsh    Drake  & Fletcher Shield - Best turned out vintage/classic -  D Adams    J C  Hogben Shield - Reserve Vintage Champion   O West    R J Ash  and Family Cup - Vintage Mounted Winner Class 7  I Hogben    W S  Whitehead and Sons - Vintage Mounted Winner Class 6  C Cullen    Motorline  Cup for best work by a Grey or Gold Diesel Ferguson with  any plough   E Cheeseman    T &  S Bradley Cup for best lady ploughman   E Cheeseman    R G  Ovenden Farms cup for Vintage Novice  J Francis    F H  Browne Straightest furrow  B Marsh    Peter  Spain Memorial Trophy - Best work with a Petrol/Parafin  Grey Fergie  R Norrington    BOCM  Challenge Cup - Dairy Stockman -   Thomas Castle    R K  Huntley Cup - Sheep Stockman -   Alan Jull    Harman  Hunt Challenge Cup - Beef Stockman -   Ewan Veitch    Charles  Lefevre Meomorial Challenge Cup - Stockman of the Year  -   Ewan Veitch    Sir  William Wayland Cup - Most points in show -   JRJ Batchelor    South  East Farmers Cup - Best stand in showground -   Hobbs Parker    Hadlow  Student of the Year (if present)  Harry Pierce        HORSE  PLOUGHING CLASSES      L.E.Fox  Memorial Cup - Horse Ploughs - Best Turnout  P Hayler    Chittenden  Trophy (Heather Princess)Horse Ploughs - Best working  Pair  R Dawkins    E.Barwick  Cup - Horse ploughing class-   R Dawkins

Mrs. A.W. Martin Cup - Best Egg Exhibit - Kate Chambers (46)

Mrs. C.E. Solley Cup - Best Collective Exhibit - Josephine Blackman (78)

Mrs. H.M. Pierson Cup - Best Flower Exhibit section B - Trish Cornwell (12)

Mrs. C.H. Rickards Tankard - Best Cookery Exhibit section A - Trish Cornwell (12)

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Cup - Children Exhibits - Fred Sole (37)

Kentish Express Cup - Most First in Womens Section - (joint first) Alison Cock (32) and Trish Cornwell (12)

Mrs. Maud Spanton Memorial Prize - Most Points Handicrafts - Primrose Northrop (2)

Young Farmers Club Prize - Thomas Chambers (44)

Mr. & Mrs. Bradshaw Challenge Cup for Best Preserve - Nancy Batchelor (15)

The Goodsell Memorial Cup Novelty Cake - Alison Cock (32)